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The ground is hard. And cold. My new sleeping back is warmer but not warm enough. I’m laying on the ground. I can feel the hard concrete in my back. As I roll on the other site to get into a more comfortable attitude I can smell urine and dirt. I know that’s from myself. But there’s no more power to sit up and go somewhere else. Now I can see the people at the station. I hear them talking, chatting. How much I would like to do the same! But my voice has no strength. I should drink more water. With this thought I get up. Drinking, what a beautiful thought! I don’t remember, how long I’ve been laying there. Hours, days maybe? I’m hungry and thirsty and cold. I can’t think of anything else. Slowly I stand up and pack my things. I haven’t got many though. That’s when I see a small girl with a bottle of water. For one moment I’m not longer human. I turn into an animal. I see, hear, smell and taste everything very clearly. Inconspicuously I sneak in her near. I look to the bottle. It’s all I want. The girl has seen me now. I can find fear in her eyes. „Mum“ she shouts, but before the woman can react, I grab the water and get away, hiding in the crowds.

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